The Art Of Arguing

relatable with luke & april Nov 02, 2022

The Art of ARGUING 


Like any sport there are rules to play by. Yep, we are calling arguing a sport for reference sake. Although don’t you think sometimes it can absolutely feel like a sport. 


Think about its requirements;

Energy - Check

Sometimes requires armer ~ Check

A sequences of moves like jab, duck, weave or sometimes run ~ Check

Time outs called ~ Check 


See, a total sport!


Before you start a sport you have to learn the rules. You have to know how to play fair. 


The same goes for arguments that happen in your relationships. You have to know the other person's rules. 

These rules might be, not going to bed angry, nasty/hurtful comments are a hard no, no leaving or walking out, no silent treatment, respecting space when asked for etc. 

Rules are very personal. Make sure you know what yours are and also what your partners are too. 


We have our own set of rules. But it took a bit of fumbling to work out what they are. Save the fumbling and ask each other what the rules are. 


One of our rules when an argument is taking a bit of time to revolve. 

Be quiet but don’t leave. 

A way of asking for space but not physical space. 


Need help working out the rules?

We can help


Luke and April x