Do this #1 THING πŸ”₯

relatable with luke & april Nov 16, 2022

Do this #1 THING πŸ”₯


Ever spiraled down the ‘Lack Hole’. 


That hole is deeeeeeeeep!! πŸŒͺ πŸŒͺ


How much time do we all spend focusing on the things we don’t have?


Probably more time than we enjoy to admit right?! 

Sure, you can use gratitude as a great tool to get out of the spiral but let’s go one step further..


Ask yourself this ONE simple question;

What do I want MORE of within my relationship?


This could be anything you desire.

Time, sex, fun, adventure, deeper conversations. Anything! Write it down.



If this question feels too uncomfortable for you to answer, try it backwards. What are some things you are currently experiencing within your relationship that you DO NOT want?

Write them down and next to each one simply write the complete opposite.



Disconnection ~ Connection 

Feeling like groundhog day ~ More Fun

Uninspired sex life - Juicy sex life

Control ~ Freedom 

Judgment ~ Total Acceptance 


By doing this you have just worked out what you actually want more of.


Want to know what to do next?





Start living a life with these desires as your focus. 

Stop waiting around for them to magically come to life. 


You want more connection? Give more connection.

You want more fun? Be the FUN!

You want juicier sex? Dress up, make a sexy playlist, be more spontaneous, learn a dance.

You want freedom? Take ownership of yourself. You’ve always had it!

You want total acceptance? Are you totally accepting yourself? Quit seeking approval.  


Need help taking inspired action?

This is what we teach. 


Can’t promise you that we would be the best teachers of a sexy lap dance but we got you for the rest! πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ•ΊπŸ½


Luke & April x.