Nov 30, 2022

We bought a 4wd this year with the intention of creating some new and adventurous family memories. Do you know how much time Luke has spent youtubing ALL the things about this car. He is literally in a forum specifically for it. 

He wants to learn all the features, benefits and possibilities there are.


Have you ever experienced this?

Maybe you wanted to perfect a lift in the gym.

Maybe you wanted to start an organic veggie patch in your backyard. 

Maybe you wanted to learn how to show up better as a parent.

Maybe you wanted to teach yourself how to create a website for your business. 


I can guarantee you listened to podcasts, watched youtube clips, read books, signed up to a course or seeked guidance or help.


We all have no problem investing this kind of time and resources into learning new things to level up our life!


When was the last time you LEVELED UP your relationship?

🤔 🤔 🤔


Our relationships become more meaningful when we do a better job of them. 

How do you do a better job? 

You invest in them. 

Time, resources, love, practice, patience, presence. 


The key to a healthy, sustainable and fulfilling relationship. 


Is your relationship in need of some leveling up?


Come chat to us about it! 💛


Luke and April x.